Veronica Picciafuoco

Hello stranger, I'm Veronica. If you're here, you're likely interested in more information about me. I'll pretend I don't like talking about me that much.

About me

I look for new ways to solve problems and learn new things. I love grey areas, music and anything tech. I wake up every morning to become better and better.

I'm currently the head of marketing at Convertro, recently acquired by AOL. If you want an overview of my professional career, Linkedin is the best place to start.

Stuff I can do:

  • Prioritize
  • Listen to user feedback
  • Fix problems that you don't want to deal with, as:
    • we need to set up a CRM
    • we need to make sure new employees are productive as fast as possible
    • we need to organize event xyz in partneship with abc
    • {another random special project here}
  • zero-budget user acquisition, for example
    • creating good content that gets shared and ranks well on google
    • crafting a memorable brand
    • coming up with a good story that gets press coverage
  • explaining hard stuff to less savvy people to sell products
  • care about every details (legal background helps in this case)
  • manage people
  • animate objects with my computer

Vintage nerd

A vintage picture of me

Get in touch

I will put some javascript here later so you can leave your email and message to me.